Seiren Elite is Razer’s new Pro grade microphone for gamers and podcasters


Razer, a lifestyle brand for gamers, has just released the Seiren Elite, a compact professional-grade microphone for live streaming and/or broadcasting.

This Seiren Elite claims to offer better quality audio without all the extra equipment. Using a built-in high-pass filter, the brand’s latest broadcasting product is capable of cutting out unwanted low-frequency vibrations, such as footsteps or even the faint sound of an air conditioner, therefore focusing the sound on vocals and providing a cleaner recording.

Simply connect it to a USB port, the Seiren Elite is a ‘plug and play’ device, easy to use for game streamers, as well as YouTube broadcasters.

Fitted within a single capsule with a digital/analogue limiter, it can automatically reduce audio distortion and voice popping, allowing a broadcaster to speak passionately without worrying too much about the effects on the recordings. These are usually features reserved for high-end broadcast microphones, plus the Seiren Elite doesn’t require any external mixer, amplifier or signal converter.

“Most professional-grade microphones require additional recording equipment, like mixers and converters, that you need to get your sound onto your PC,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO. “The Razer Seiren Elite solves that problem, letting broadcasters focus on their content and letting the Seiren Elite handle their audio.”

The growing Razer Broadcaster range also includes the Razer Kiyo, a streaming camera with built-in ring light, which has won the Tom’s Guide Innovation award for peripherals.

The Seiren Elite is available on Razer’s website for US$199.99 (RM780).