Razer’s new computer mouse is both battery-free and cable-free


The mouse is among the computer tools to have seen the least amount of innovation since its release. But Razer, known for its high-precision gaming mice, is hoping to change that with a particularly lightweight, wireless and battery-free mouse.

As the company announced at the CES electronics fair, the gaming mouse Mamba Hyperflux will be powered by the matching Firefly Hyperflux mouse pad via a magnetic field.

The mouse pad itself, however, must still be connected using a cable. The upside of the technology: The mouse doesn’t need an in-built rechargeable battery, which should make the device significantly lighter than other wireless models.

According to Razer, the device will weigh 96g and go on sale in the first quarter of 2018. The bundle containing both items will set you back US$250 (RM988.50). — dpa