OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T get new OxygenOS open beta Removes Clipboard function


OnePlus has rolled out Oxygen OS open beta 3 for OnePlus 5T and OxygenOS Open beta 5 for the older OnePlus 5 smartphone. Both open beta builds will remove the Clipboard functionality, which was under scanner after French security researcher called Elliot Alderson who runs the Twitter handle @fs0c131y
alleged that the file in the OxygenOS beta clipboard app called badwords.txt was helping the company identify some data and sending it back to a Chinese server without user consent.

OnePlus at the time had denied all these claims and issued a statement saying, “There’s been a false claim that the Clipboard app has been sending user data to a server. The code is entirely inactive in the open beta for OxygenOS, our global operating system. No user data is being sent to any server without consent in OxygenOS… Local data in this folder is skipped over and not sent to any server.”

Now, the latest open beta builds on both phones removes the Clipboard function entirely. According to OnePlus forum post, OxygenOS beta 3 for OnePlus 5T, the changelog includes general bug fixes and improvements, removes clipboard function, and includes changes to phone app.

The phone app will now include addition of a pick-up gesture switcher. A user will be able to choose which way they can slide (up or down) while picking up a phone call. OnePlus 5T has a full screen 18:9 display with no home button, and the new beta adds more swiping gestures for navigation like it is on the iPhone X. Users can enable these navigation gestures from settings and tapping on the Nav bar.

It also includes a new CPU security patch for CVE-2017-13218 as well. The Oxygen OS beta 3 update on OnePlus 5T also adds SMS categorisation function for India only, where SMS messages will automatically sorted into different categories. Those who have already moved on to the open beta on their OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 5T should see the new update on their phones.

OxygenOS Open Beta 5 for the OnePlus 5 also includes the same features as the OnePlus 5T update, though the navigation gestures are missing given this one does not have a full vision display and there is a physical home button also present on the device. The build includes the same CPU security patch, bug fixes and changes to phone app for pick-up gesture.

Once again as with all beta builds, these might not always be as stable. Anyone installing these should keep in mind the potential risks and always back up all data. OnePlus has started open beta-testing for Android Oreo on OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 5. However, the company was forced to suspend the final Oreo build for OnePlus 5 due to bugs and other flaws.