Nvidia’s GeforceNow game streaming platform being trialled for PCs


Nvidia is expanding its GeforceNow game streaming service to Windows-based PCs.

At the CES trade fair in Las Vegas this week, Nvidia announced that a free beta version for PCs is now available, which should work with most Windows-based computers and laptops.

GeforceNow is a streaming service for computer games that enables users to play high-end games on laptops and PCs without high-end specs.

All the computation and creation of gaming worlds happens remotely within Nvidia’s own gaming machines, and images are instantly streamed back via Internet connection.

This way, even less powerful or outdated computers can run complex 3D games and modern titles.

According to the company, GeforceNow requires a stable Internet connection at around 25 megabits per second. GeforceNow has already been available for Mac computers for a few months. — dpa