Kentucky Route Zero inches closer to completion with fourth interlude


A few weeks after its fifth birthday, Kentucky Route Zero nears completion with a free fourth and final intermission to play and, in this case, watch.

The five-act, magical realist roadside adventure Kentucky Route Zero is approaching a long-awaited conclusion with the release of a special interlude ahead of 2018’s Act V.

Debuting in 2013 after a successful crowdfunding round, Kentucky Route Zero sends players on an underground journey, following a secret sub-state highway and encountering fellow travellers and locals.

Over the years, the game’s studio has collected accolades from a variety of well-regarded events, including Indiecade, the Game Developers Choice Awards, and the Independent Games Festival.

The game has a reputation for both high-quality storytelling and long gestation periods in between episodes. A year elapsed in between Act II and III, while two-years separated Acts III, IV, and now V.

As such, a handful of free intermission episodes have been released in the intervening periods, free to play and often folding back into the game’s overarching storyline.

Previous vignettes have taken the form of a theatrical production, an art installation, and a telephone call.

Like the others, January 2018’s Un Pueblo de Nada is available for download from

It allows players to explore community television station WEVP-TV during its final broadcast. A live-action version of the intermission’s footage is available to view online at WEVP.TV.

Both experiences start off quirky but by the end adopt a creepier tone.

Though Kentucky Route Zero launched on Windows PC, Mac and Linux computers – distributed through Steam, the Humble Store, GOG and – console versions have also been announced.