It Lurks Below announced by Diablo creator


Live streaming demonstrations of It Lurks Below will run over the weekend of Feb 2-4, with Diablo game design legend David Brevik at the helm.

The dark, subterranean monster-slaying of Diablo meets the craft and resource collection of Terraria in It Lurks Below, which is nearing completion.

In 1996, Diablo took crunching combat and set it up against the novel intrigue of procedurally generated level layouts, as players explored a labyrinthine catacomb housing one of hell’s three rulers.

By the time Diablo was celebrating its 15th year, gaming was in the grip of another boundary-pushing craze, as creative construction and exploration experience Minecraft was graduating from a two and a half year development phase to full release.

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More recently in January 2016, Diablo creator David Brevik went from being the CEO of Gazillion Entertainment, responsible for the development of superhero MMO Marvel Heroes, to being CEO of his own one-person micro-studio, Greybeard Games.

It’s through Graybeard that he’s now unveiling his current project, It Lurks Below, a proposal whose visual style makes for immediate comparisons to Terraria, while Brevik promises further connections to the sensibilities of Diablo.

Before it arrives on computer gaming platform Steam later in 2018, Graybead is pushing on with a very limited beta testing phase and, more tangibly for the masses, four days of It Lurks Below livestreaming.

Brevik takes to on Friday, Feb 2 between 9pm and 11pm PST (Feb 3, 10am-12pm Malaysian time) continuing from 3pm to 5pm on Feb 3 (4am-6am Feb 4, Malaysian time) 10am to noon (11pm-1am Malaysian time) on Feb 4, and then midday to 2pm on Feb 5 (1am-3am on Feb 6, Malaysian time).