How To Add Advertisements To Facebook Page Instant Articles


In this article, you will learn about making money from Instant Articles. This is an important step for everyone who has enabled Instant Articles & wants to make money from their blog.

By default, Instant Articles doesn’t show any ads & you will not be earning any money.

In this guide, I will talk about enabling Facebook Audience Network ads to Instant Articles. Think of Audience Network ads as “AdSense for Facebook“, but the difference here is:

  • The fill rate & CPM is pretty high in comparison to other ad networks.
  • The ads shown on your Instant Articles pages will be targeted based on user demographics & interest.

Here is what Facebook has to say about Audience Network ads:

Audience Network provides publishers and developers with engaging, high performing ad units backed by Facebook’s 3 million advertisers. Audience Network extends the reach of Facebook campaigns beyond Facebook, and provides publishers a way to monetize their content with relevant, better-targeted ads and innovative native ad formats.

Step-by-step guide to enable Audience Network ads:

Go to your Facebook page Instant Articles settings & under tools, look for Audience Network.

Check the box & click on “Get Started”. This should bring up a screen like this:

Click on “Your Dashboard”. Here we will create the ad placement. Click on the “Placements” tab & that should bring up a screen like this:

Click on “Create Ad Placement” & give it a meaningful name. It’s important to provide a meaningful name as it will help us to track reporting by unique ad locations in Instant Articles.

You have the option to select from 3 different ad types:

  1. Banner
  2. Interstitial (app only)
  3. Native

In-stream video ad options will be added in the coming days.

For now, select the “Banner” ad format & click on save. Now, you should be able to see the ad placement ID. You can also click on “Get Code” to access the Javascript code for implementing ads.

Since we are using the official Facebook Instant Articles plugin, we just need the Placement ID to get started.

Login to your WordPress dashboard & go into the Instant Articles settings.

Look for the “Ads” section.

  • Select Ad type: Facebook Audience Network
  • Copy the Audience Network Placement ID
  • Select the ad dimensions

Getting paid by Facebook Audience Network:

With the above steps, we have configured ads on Instant Articles. Now, it’s time to fill out the payment information so that we can get paid.

On the Facebook Audience Network dashboard, click on “Payout” & you will see a screen like this: