Game of Thrones Season 8 Major spoiler reveals Winterfell might fall


Wildly popular show Game of Thrones’ final and eighth season will premiere next year. So, the wait for all the GoT fans is rather long, but trust them to find a way to obsess over the upcoming season of the show. Someone recently posted a video taken from a distance from the sets of the show, and the video shows the set, which closely resembles Winterfell, engulfed in flames.

Yes, it might be true. Winterfell might burn to the ground, as per the viral video. Now that is how you leak a Game of Thrones spoiler. Watchers on the Wall, a fan site dedicated to the series shared a video which shows Winterfell burning. Now people have begun speculating if the said flame is blue (which suggests Night King’s involvement) or just your regular old, devastating and all-consuming flame. Either way, the scene is not pretty.

Despite not knowing more about the details, it is safe to assume that this is a huge one, as far as spoilers go. According to reports, this fire was not just your average flame, but part of a major battle scene which included hundreds of extras.

Looks like the time for Winterfell is over, it could be Cersei’s wildfire or it could be Night King’s flame, but whatever it is, it is not looking good.