Arjit Taneja on dating Kumkum Bhagya co star Mrunal Thakur There’s zero percent truth to it


There has been a constant chatter around the relationship status of Arjit Taneja and Mrunal Thakur. The actors, who romanced each other in Kumkum Bhagya, quit the show around the same time, and recently did a string of shows and events together in Indonesia. While the two have claimed to be ‘just friends’, got the chance to grill Arjit again, when we met at the sidelines of his new show Kaleerien’s launch yesterday.

We first asked Arjit if he regretted quitting Kumkum Bhagya, to which he shared, “To be honest, there was nothing for me to perform in the character and it was a well-thought decision, so there was never any regret. It was a new start for Vin Rana, who replaced me but I had reached a stagnant point with it. Even Mrunal had quit the show so the chemistry was seeing, yes, I still miss the team but I have no complaints. They are like family to me and Kumkum will always be the best phase of my life.”

With the mention of Mrunal, we asked about whether the two are really dating. “There’s zero percent truth to it. We are the closest friends and since Mrunal was my first co-star, she will always be special to me. We both have grown up together on the sets. Initially, we used to detest each other and slowly and steadily, we built a close bond. We are in a very comfortable space and such rumours really doesn’t affect our friendship.”

Talking about his new show, Arjit said, “When I heard the narration, I knew this was the project I had been waiting for. My character Vivaan, is an angry young man brought up abroad. He doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage and thinks that all girls are gold diggers in India. There is also a beautiful backstory, which I don’t want to reveal at the moment. But the show is quite a promising one.”

When asked if he money was the reason to move to Indonesia for work, Arjit shared, “Money was definitely one of the reasons but the love of fans that’s there is unmatched anywhere. The people there are the best ones; very sweet and humble. So, when you know you have such great fans in the region, you want to work and meet them. It was a great experience and I even had Mrunal working there with me, which was even more fun.”

As we pointed out that he keeps on mentioning Mrunal, the young actor blushed red and stated with a smile, “I did not; you asked me such questions. We work together so when you talk about those specific projects, it’s only reasonable that I name her.”

Moving ahead, he concluded by talking about his co-star Ankita Sharma, who will be making her debut with the show. “Well, I don’t act like a senior but having worked in the industry for three years, you tend to suggest some technical aspects. She is a sweet girl and has a lot of raw appeal; I am sure she will become the new star. Kumkum Bhagya has been the best time in my life and I hope Kaleerein will become the new big chapter in my life.