Aliens shooter announced as Fox expands capability


A new game in the Aliens franchise is on its way, as development studio Cold Iron becomes part of 21st Century Fox.

Back in December 2016, Cold Iron Studios let slip that it was working on a major sci-fi game. Now we know what it is.

The San Francisco team was founded in 2015 by three veterans of Cryptic Studios, where they had worked on a series of massively multiplayer role-playing titles, ranging from the superpowered City of Heroes to sci-fi license Star Trek Online and fantasy adventure Neverwinter.

For FoxNext, the 21th Century Fox division that occupies itself with video games, virtual reality, and even theme park concerns, Cold Iron is putting together an action-oriented shooter set in the Alien universe.

“We put together a pitch, built a great prototype, [and] got fully-funded,” CEO Craig Zinkievich said in that December release, teasing that the project would be an “AAA online action game that is literally out of this world.”

On the face of things, the Alien project might represent a genre-switch for the founders, but Cold Iron had recruited a team whose members had experience on the gun-toting DOOM, Bioshock Infinite, Metroid Prime 3 and the Borderlands franchise among others.

Talk of online action games set in a sci-fi context brings inevitable comparison to Destiny and Titanfall.

Whether that be the case or not, FoxNext already has an established fictional universe to work with.

“We can’t wait to share more information soon,” Zinkievich said about the FoxNext news.

As a spin-off from Fox’s movie franchise, Alien videogames took a step up with Alien: Isolation, a chilling survival horror set aboard an abandoned space station and, like the Cold Studios game, representing a genre switch for Creative Assembly, until then better known for historical strategy.

It was a welcome improvement following the disappointing Aliens: Colonial Marines, though side-scrolling shooter Aliens: Infestation was well received.

All three were published by Sega, but with the acquisition of Cold Iron it would appear that FoxNext is bringing one of its best-known franchises in-house.

FoxNext had previously supported the release of 2017 film Alien: Covenant with a virtual reality experience Alien: Covenant In Utero.